What are your fees?

Free initial 15 minute call, please make contact for fees. 

Where are you?

I work out of my home therapy room in the Cheddar area.

I can give you details once we have established a date for our first session. It is a safe environment, with access to a toilet and off road car parking.

Disability Disclaimer: There is a small step at the threshold into the room.

Do I see you in person?

Good question

For counselling….  I can offer in person, face to face counselling, online or telephone session.

For Energy Healing…. It is best to establish a therapeutic relationship in person, as time progresses, I can offer distant healing if this is something you require.

Can I have Energy Healing and Counselling at the same time?

Yes, absolutely.

Often using talking therapy and then processing with a energy healing can work well together, this can be done either with an hour session (30 minutes talking, 30 minutes energy healing) or with an hour and a half session (45 minutes talking and 45 minutes energy healing).

How do I pay for my therapy?

Payment is via BACs, the day before your session. This can be discussed at initial free consultation.


How long would I need therapy for?

This is a difficult question to answer. With counselling, we would work for 6 sessions and review, then commit to another 6 and so on. This is so we can explore your needs together and discover what you want to achieve from our work together. Some clients I have worked with for a few weeks, some clients I have seen for a number of years.

It is entirely individual, but something we can discuss during our initial consultation.

Do you Teach Reiki?

Yes I do, this can be done in a group over 2 days or on a 1:1 by negotiation costed on a session by session basis.

Teaching Reiki Group:

Shoden, Reiki 1 – 2 days 10am-4pm

Shoden, Reiki 1, is an introductory level that looks at holding yourself in the reiki teaching. It is designed to give a solid foundation for self-healing and meditation practise. By the end of this course you will have learnt how to self-hold and offer reiki to friends, family and pet animals.


Okuden, Reiki 2 – 2 days 10am-4pm

Okuden, Reiki 2, is the level that you can practise as a professional reiki healer. This is the minimum requirement that an insurance company will accept for you to practise as a healer. Most people are happy at this level. There is no expectation to progress further. You will have the ability to open your own reiki practice once you have sorted your insurance and ideally registration with a reiki body eg UK Reiki Federation.


Shinpiden, Reiki 3 – 2 days 10am-5pm

Shinpinden, Reiki 3, is a Masters level where you are taught how to teach reiki to another, being able to offer attunement to another. Not many people have a calling for this level, so this can be discussed as you follow your reiki journey.