Energy Healing

“Just for today…
I will not anger…
I will not worry…
I will be grateful…
I will do my work honestly…
I will be kind to every living being”
Dr Mikau Usui



What is Energy Healing?

The Japanese word for ‘reiki’ can be translated as ‘universal life energy’ and the Usui System is a way of working with reiki for healing of self and others. Reiki is a complementary therapy relating to energy healing. It is the belief that we all have access to receiving and giving reiki, it is by choice, we choose to use it. It is a taught therapy and can be used for all manner of health issues.

It aims to relax you, ease stress and tension and can help with wellbeing. It can lead to better sleep, as well as mental clarity enabling better focus and enhancing harmony and natural balance between the mind, body and spirit.

Energy Healing has been used for reducing stress and anxiety which in turn can decrease the perception of pain.

As a complementary therapy, it can be used along with proven traditional medical treatments.

I use reiki as the primary base for my energy healing and over time have added various aspects as I continue to learn. I allow a flow of intuition, higher power and guides to help aid this level of work allowing each session to be completely unique to the individual.


How does it work?

It works through the transfer of universal energy from the therapist palms to the client’s body, and through elongated holds and intuition, healing can activate the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to rest in a relaxed state.

It can help assist during and after surgery, to allow toxins of the anaesthetic to be released. I am trained to assist during medical procedures, if this is of interest to you, please do ask for further information.

Trees and Sky
Rocks and River Tranquility

What to expect from an Energy Healing Session 

After an initial consultation, a little bit of paperwork for insurance purposes, you will be able to use a little talking to bring me up to speed with where you are and what you are requiring from an energy healing session.

There is a healing couch and you will be invited to lay on the couch, front or back, it doesn’t matter; fully dressed in comfortable loose clothing. If you require, I will place a blanket over your body and invite you to close your eyes.

If for any reason you are unable to lay on the healing couch, energy healing can be carried out with you sitting in a chair, or I can make you a nest on the floor.

Very little talking is done in a healing session, there is some music gently playing in the background. I will move about your body using a sequence of holds that can be either through gentle touch or about an inch away from your body. Using intuition, I will continue to move over and around your body.

You may feel warmth, tingling, deep relaxation; see colours behind your eyes; feel an uncertainty as to where I am in location to you and your body.

On occasion I may use sound: a gong bowl or a chime, a whistle or even a drum.

The calming touch of energy healing can help the energy of the body start to flow again in to balance, which can cause a huge release of pent-up energy and a client can sometimes feel overwhelmed with tears.

Sometimes it has been known for clients to laugh too. Any release of emotion can be beneficial and is welcome.

There will be time to recover in a safe space and again, using words if you need to.

A session can be either 60 or 90 minutes depending on your budget and needs.


How often should you receive an energy healing? 

It is recommended that you should have 3 energy healing sessions reasonably close together (i.e. weekly or fortnightly) as there can be a build up of intensity and symptoms of detoxing.

It has been known that if there has been a build-up of a release and a client has felt the need to return within 24 or even 48 hours, I will make space for a session to proceed to help manage the intense effects of the processing.

After this initial blast, sessions can be booked to suit.

From personal experience, I have been receiving energy healing for over 12 years and still reap the benefits of a monthly session for my own selfcare.

Can energy healing work with counselling?

Very much so, my own personal experience has been this (see About Me) and this is one of the reasons I have trained as both a counsellor and in energy work. The interweave of talking therapy and energy healing can be a very beautiful balance for a client to find their way to self-regulation and inner healing.


Trees and Sky
Rocks and River Tranquility

What is Distance Energy Healing? 

This is where I can use the energy healing work and be in a place of meditating with your soul, while you are somewhere completely different. Quite a mesmerising process for both parties.

We agree a time and a day, I invite you to rest in a safe space at that specific time. Within that time frame, I too am working with you from a distance and at the end of the session, we can check in, either by an agreed phone call, or by email feedback.

My preference is that we have worked together face to face before we enter into this, as trust can be formed, and a connection has been made.

This has worked on many an occasion, where a client has been too tired or ill, but still wishes to receive the benefits of energy healing.